Oregon District 220 Tip - Line

We are proud to formally announce the introduction of the Oregon District # 220 Tip-Line.  This line was created as an avenue to receive information on from the public about issues of concern within our school district. The Tip-Line was created in hopes of gathering valid information concerning drug and alcohol abuse with students, potential violence, locations where students are drinking underage, damage to school property, bullying issues, or any other health and safety concerns.

Historically, we have heard many times that someone knew something about an area of concern, but they did not feel comfortable calling law enforcement or school officials directly.  With the Oregon District # 220 Tip Line, information can be anonymously phoned in.  Once the information is received it will be looked into.  All anyone has to do is to simply pick up the phone and call 815-732-2226. Just leave an anonymous message.  There is no caller ID attached to the system. You also will not have to speak to a live person.  No questions asked, just simply pass the information on to us and we will take it from there.

This is not a replacement for Crime Stoppers.  This is just a supplemental line allowing people to leave anonymous messages about areas of concern in our community as it relates to our student, and schools.  Any information received will be passed on to the appropriate agency i.e. schools, counselors, or law enforcement.  Currently information is being sent home with students about the Tip-Line.  Further information is available at the Oregon District # 220 website

We are taking this substantial step forward in hopes of making the Oregon School District as safe and productive as possible.
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