On June 27, 2005 I was appointed as Chief of Police in Oregon. It is a great honor to serve the City and it's citizens in this capacity.  

My goals as the Chief of Police are simple.  Maintain the quality of living in Oregon that our citizens have come to expect.  

As you are also aware we now live in a time when domestic terrorism is a real threat.  I am diligently working to upgrade and install a wireless database access for our patrol officers.  This database will allow them real-time access to a multitude of information on terrorist activity across the country.  In 2010 we connected to the Ogle County Sheriff's Department records system and we now utilize the same database for criminal records. The next step in this process is to get the same system in the squad cars on the laptop computers so the information will be right at your officer's fingertips. 

Keeping our stated goals in mind of maintaining the quality of living in this community our lines of communication are always open for each of you.  You can call, or stop in, or email me at anytime with concerns or questions for myself or any of my officers.  

I truly believe that the Oregon Police Department is staffed by some of the brightest, most qualified police officers around.  We continue to train and educate our officers to maintain the level of service you all have come to expect and deserve.  

Thank you,

Chief Darin DeHaan