Hiring Process

This is just a few notes on the hiring process.  As it should be, it is a very long haul to become a police officer.  Because of the high level of power, authority, and responsibility that comes with being a police officer, the process for selecting those who will serve the citizens of Oregon is very long an tedious.  So here it is.  The road to becoming an Oregon Police Officer:

I    Age: The first requirement you must meet is the age.  You must be 21 years old by the time you graduate from the police academy.  We do not have a maximum age requirement.

II.    Education.  Presently we only require a high school diploma, or GED.  Your grades and transcripts will be reviewed during the application process.

III.   Application:  Your application must be completed correctly, without error or falsehoods.  If we find any false statements in you application you will be eliminated from the process.

IV.   Physical Test.  You will then take the Power Test which is described in detail on another web page.   http://www.oregonpd.org/Powertest.html

V.   Written Test. You will take a written test which will test your reading comprehension abilities and some basic math skill.

VI.   Oral Interview. You will be interviewed by a board made up of several members of our agency.  You will be scored on appearance, communication skills, and other qualities.

VII. Background Investigation:  Our investigators will complete a thorough background investigation. They are looking for positive and negative information about you.  That information will be reviewed and an determination will be made if you will be considered for the eligibility list.

VIII. Eligibility List:You will be ranked in Order of Consideration for hiring based on everything listed above.

IX.   Psychological Exam: You will be sent for an extensive psychological exam given by a qualified psychologist who is experienced in the selection of police officers. 

X.   Medical Exam: You maybe required to complete a full medical examination including a drug test.

If you make it past each of these areas and are offered employment you will attend the Police Academy which is 12 weeks long.  After that you will return to the police department and will enter the Field Training Program where you are taught and evaluated by experienced police officers. (ie. on the job training.)  We have a (2) two year probation period with the option that the chief release you from probation after 18 months.

I hope this helps inform you about the process of becoming a police officer for the City of Oregon.